RFWM-15E-25E Prepaid Water Meter

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RFWM-15E-20E prepaid water meter
Detailed Product Description

Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline. And it¡¯s a prepaid water meter.

Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline.

AIMEI¡¯s prepaid water meter uses micro-processor to achieve collecting, processing, displaying and storing the information of water consumption. Long life battery, reliable easy in operation and maintain, high accuracy.

Technical Data
Working Temperature: 0~+40¡ãC for cold water meter
0~+90¡ãC for hot water meter
Inside Battery: Two replaceable AA battery, over 6 years¡¯ working life.
Working Currency: 0.04A max
Relative humidity: ¡Ü70%
Valves: Working for minimum 2000 times, Close Valve: Less than 10 seconds
Quiescent Power Dissipation: ¡Ü15uA
Compliance with standard: ISO 4064 Class B
Working pressure: 1.0Mpa (10 bars)
Pressure loss: ¡Ü0.1MPa (1 bar)
LCD display: Maximum reading: 99999M3, Minimum reading: 0.1M3
Water credit transfer mechanism: IC cards
Working life of IC cards: ¡Ý100,000 times
Functional characteristics
A. It takes RF card as an information carrier and has Characteristics of very strong confidentiality and anti- interference.
B. The data adopts the encryption calculating way of DES, and each meter has the only number, in order to correspond one by one.
C. It adopts lithium battery power supplies and can promise to use normally for over eight years.
D. The appropriation dynamoelectric valve promises a dependable switch.
E. The integral whole type designs, beauty and hard, water tightness, attack defend and breakage defend.
F. The LCD shows appearance of the amount of water, date, time, meter number, mode etc.
G. Advanced alarm function: When the customer¡¯s intelligence water has already closed, such as low power, communication abnormality etc. It can provide an alarm hint to the customer with the buzzer, so that the customer handles it as soon as possible, insuring customer to use water normally.
H. Close valve function: the meter will close valve when it reach alarm level and when the prepay amount used out.
I. Low power hint function: When the battery gives or gets an electric shortage, the LCD displays " ", reminding the customer to replace battery.
J. The water meter adopts in volatile memory to store data. The data will not lose while power-fail, the data can keep over a decade.
K. Intelligent self-check function: guarantee working credibility under various interference circumstances.
L. the total amount calculating function: the intelligent meter can record the month and history usage of customer, for the purpose of customer¡¯s search.

Each water meter has one set couplings optional: 2pcs tube, 2pcs nut and 2pcs gasket


The Detail of RFWM-15E-25E Prepaid Water Meter
Model No:RFWM-15E-25E Prepaid Water Meter
ProductName: Prepaid Water Meter
Product Origin:China
Brand Name: Aimei
Price Terms: FOB Ningbo
Payment Terms:T/T L/C
Supply Ability: 300,000-400,000sets/month
Delivery Lead Time:about 30 days
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