Multi jet dry type vane wheel

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This range of water meter is used to measure the total quantity of cold potable water which consumed in houshold or a resident unit, passing through the pipeline.

FEATURES: The mechanism of the register shall be selfhoused in the container of the corrosion resistant metal,with dry dial,straight reading,and rotation of the wheel be driven with magnet to the register,the case of water meter is made of cast copper and is beautifully shaped, Easy for reading, clearness and long service are its advantages.

WORKING CONDITION: Water temperature: <=40•C Water pressure: <=1MPa COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARD:ISO 4064 (GB/T778-1996)

INDICATING ERROR: At low zone is+-5% from minimum flow rate(qmin)to transitional flow rate(qt)exclusive boundary At high zone is+-2% from transitional flow rate(qt) to overload flow rate(qs)

Type Meter Class Overload Flow qs

Nominal Flow qp

Transitional Flow qt

Min flow qmin

Min Reading Max Reading
mm M³/h
LXSC-13 13 A 3 1.5 0.150 0.060 0.001 9,999
B 0.120 0.030
LXSC-20 20 A 5 2.5 0.250 0.100 0.001 9,999
B 0.200 0.050
LXSC-25 25 A 7 3.5 0.350 0.140 0.001 9,999
B 0.280 0.070
LXSC-40 40 A 20 10 1.000 0.400 0.01 99,999
B 0.800 0.200
LXSC-50 50 A 30 15 4.500 1.200 0.01 99,999
B 3.000 0.450

A)in the lower zone from qmin inclusive up to but excluding qt is+-5%
B)in the upper zone from qt inclusive up to and including qs is+-2%

Meter Size
Length(L) Width(B) Height(H) Connecting Thread Weight
mm MM D d kg
13 165 99 104 G3/4B R1/2 1.35
20 190 99 107 G1B R3/4 1.45
25 225 99 112 G1 1/4B R1 1.9
40 245 125 145 G2 B R1 1/2 4.4
50 300/280 125 150 G2 1/2B R2 8.4/8.1

Flow Error Curve

Head Loss Curve

The Detail of Multi jet dry type vane wheel
Model No:Multi jet dry type vane wheel
ProductName: Multi-jet dry type vane wheel water meter
Product Origin:China
Brand Name: Aimei
Price Terms: FOB Ningbo
Payment Terms:T/T L/C
Supply Ability: 300,000-400,000sets/month
Delivery Lead Time:about 30 days
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