Tinley Park's water meter supplier

July 09, 2013|By Gregory Pratt, Chicago Tribune reporter
Tinley Park officials are entering into a settlement agreement worth nearly $200,000 from their water meter replacement supplier.
Severn Trent Services, a British company and one of the largest water supply equipment vendors in the world, has offered to pay the village a lump sum cash payment in exchange for no longer supplying replacement water meters to the village of Tinley Park, trustee Tom Staunton said.
Under the agreement, Severn Trent Services will pay Tinley Park $185,868 to no longer replace faulty water meters, Staunton said. The total includes some cash to reimburse the village for the cost of rebating local residents who have been overcharged due to failed meters, Staunton said.
That settlement figure was calculated using an assumed meter failure rate, Staunton said. Severn Trent's estimate is 17 percent higher than the village's internal calculated failure rate of meters, he said. Public Works Director Dale Schepers said that "sweetened" the deal.
According to Schepers, Severn Trent Services has to send a representative from England to Tinley Park every quarter to check out faulty meters before the village could be paid for warranty claims.
The company decided it didn't want to "have somebody flying across the pond," meaning the Atlantic Ocean, for the next half-decade, so they made the settlement offer, Schepers said.
The company has decided to get out of the water meter business, focusing instead on other products, Schepers said.
Tinley Park will be getting replacement meters from Sensus Mechanical Meters, Schepers said.
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