The development of China water meter industry

Source: Date:2013-07-22 -- China is a country of water scarcity, to reduce water waste, the state implemented one family one meter policy, which incented the great development of water meter industry. According to theState 12th Five-Year Plan for Urban Water Supply Facilities, in 2010, the urban water consumption population was 630 million, 381 million in city, 118 in county and 131 in town, the coverage rate were 89.5%, 78.8% and 62.0% respectively.

Usually, the renew duration of water meter is 5-8 years, calculated by 8 years£¬ the replacement amount of water meter was about 25 million units. The new built residential area was 612 million sqm in 2010, calculated by average 25 sqm per capita and 75 sqm per household, there were 8.16 million unit new houses in 2010, thus, the demand indomestic was about 33 million unit. The annual exports were about 1.3 billion Yuan, 13 million units, so the annual sales of China water meter market was 46 million units.

According to the 12th Five-Year Plan for Urban Water Supply Facilities, the annual output of water meter is 55 million unit, valued 5.2-5.5 billion Yuan, the estimated 46 million units is basically reasonable. According to the Plan, the output would reach 90 million unit in 2015, valued 9 billion Yuan, and the annual growth should be about 10%.The market would be increasing steadily in future.

There are over 600 water meter manufacturers in China, although the downstream water utility and real estate is decentralized, the competition is still serious. The leading vendors like Ningbo AIMEI WATER METER, Sanchuan Meter and DH Meter occupy one third of the industry total sale.

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