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How to select and install water meter

Water Meters
Our company adopts GB/T778-1996 national standard regulations and ISO4064 international standards for manufacturing our extensive range of hot and cold water meters as well as plastic accessories.
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Water meters'  main function is to make the users more aware of the co nsumption of water. Choosing the appropriate meter is key to high qual ity water treatment.

AiMei takes a number of factors into consideration in determining the most suitable water meter type,

1. including water meter size         2. water meter class         3. water meter model         4. water meter type.

Water Meter Size
Water meter size depends on both pipe diameter and nominal flow rate (Qn). Nominal flow rate is normally half of maximum flow rate (Q max). For example, if the maximum flow rate is 5 cubic meters per hour (5,000 litres/hr), the nominal flow rate will be 2.5 cubic meters pe r hour. Thus 20mm (3/4") water meter will be suitable to this water system.
Water Meter Class

Water Meter has four classes, from Class A (lowest level) to Class D (highest level). Generally, the higher Class water meters can accura tely measure the water consumption at a wider range of flow rate than lower Class ones. For instance, 15mm Class C water meters start to measure the water consumption accurately at flow rate of 15 litres per hour, while 15mm Class A water meters do that since flow rate of 60 litres per hour only.
Water Meter Model

Water meter has different models, including Multi jet, single jet and rotary piston type. The selection of right model depends on the Class of water meter and target prices. Rotary piston type is mostly designed for Class C & D water meter. In contrast, Single jet and Multi jet water meters are normally Class A & B. The other factor is the price. In most cases, Rotary piston type water meter is the most expensiv e one, and Multi jet is the second, while Single jet is the cheapest.
Water Meter Type
Wet dial, liquid-sealed dial and dry dial type are three main types of water meters. All these three types of water meters are widely used worldwide. The selection may highly depend on historical use of water meter types in the area. One local water meter sample may be used for identification. If there is no water inside the water meter dial (face), it should be dry dial. However, if there is some water inside the water meter register, not the whole dial, it is liquid-sealed dial. Finally, if the water goes throu gh the whole dial, it will be wet dial. It is highly appreciated to send a photo of required water meter (old or installed water meter) with the inquiry. AiMei will check the photo and recommend the right water meter to you.
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